When you get a new puppy, he needs a doctor just like you do. A veterinarian, that is – an animal doctor. Your veterinarian will take care of your pet from puppyhood to adult and senior dog. Aside from you and your family, your vet is the primary person to prevent and care for illnesses in your pet.

When searching for a vet, be sure to ask lots of questions. You want to find the best vet for your new puppy. It is ok to interview several vets before making your choice. Veterinarians understand that you want to be comfortable with them. So check them out thoroughly.

You can ask your family and friends who own dogs whether they recommend anyone. When you decide to visit the vet, be sure to schedule an appointment. Don’t just drop in. And take along a list of questions to ask.

You can start by noticing the receptionist. Are they friendly and helpful, or do they ignore you? A good staff is a sign that the vet cares about his patients.

Get a tour of the facilities while you are there. Notice whether it smells bad or like overpowering chemicals. Of course, some animal smell is normal, but odors should be under control. The exam rooms should be clean and neat at all times.

Question the vet about his or her policies. Will a veterinarian be on call in case of emergency? Does your vet have boarding for when you go on vacation? What are the vet’s fees for routine treatment? It is ok to ask lots of questions. The health of your puppy is at stake.

When you have chosen a vet, take your puppy in for a checkup. Be sure to have your puppy on a leash. You don’t want him roaming around and causing trouble in the waiting room or getting into places he shoudn’t.

Your puppy might not like the vet at first, but just be patient. Don’t get overly excited about the vet visit. Just stay calm and collected, and your puppy will soon be calm too.

Be sure to stay with your puppy all the time on the first visit, so he doesn’t get too upset or think you are leaving him. Pretty soon your puppy will be used to visiting the vet. The more you can do to make him comfortable on these visits, the sooner they will become routine.

Remember to pick out a vet before an emergency comes up. It will be much easier than trying to find one in a hurry.

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