Puppy Feeding Tips

Your puppy’s favorite activity is probably eating! Learn about feeding your puppy so that he will grow and be healthy. Regular feeding is important. And what you feed makes a big difference. Puppies should have special food geared to their needs, and not adult dog food.

To start out, go to a pet store, not a grocery store. Ask someone who works there about the best food for puppies. Don’t try to save money by buying the cheapest thing you can find. Your puppy’s health is important and the right food is crucial at this stage of his development.

Besides getting a good brand, be sure to get the right type of puppy food. Dry dog food is best for your puppy. He might prefer soft food with gravy, but the kibble type of food will be better for his health.

Be sure to get kibble that is made especially for puppies. The puppy food will be in small pieces, which is easier for your puppy to eat without choking. The pieces will be easier to chew and swallow.

Usually, your puppy should be fed three times a day in the beginning. The dog food will list the correct amount of food for your puppy. Put the food out for a limited time and then take it away. Your puppy should get used to eating a whole meal at a time and not graze all day long. Otherwise he could start to overeat.

As your puppy gets older and grows larger, you can feed him less often. You can change over to two meals per day by eliminating the midday meal. You don’t want to cut out the evening meal, because that would be too long a time until breakfast. Going too long between feedings can cause overeating as well.

Be sure not to feed your puppy from the table. This can be a hard habit to break once you start. Human food is not good for puppies. It can be really bad for their digestion. Some human food can actually make your puppy sick. Besides, you don’t want your puppy to get into the habit of pestering you while you are eating.

A good puppy food will have all the nutrients in it that are needed for puppy’s growth. You don’t need to spend extra money on supplements. And they could actually harm your puppy. Don’t give supplements unless your veterinarian recommends it.

Remember, puppies need special puppy food. So be sure to check with your vet or professionals at the pet store, and give your puppy a good start in life.

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