Decide on what you are going to feed him before you bring him home. This prevents last minute decisions that might not be healthy for your pet.

What kind of food do you use? What are his nutritional requirements? Will he like what you give him? Make sure your vet is involved in his diet planning.

Today breeders and dog owners are feeding raw, carnivore appropriate diets that do not include grains or grain by-products. Many dog food companies are responding to this trend by creating high quality grain free foods.

What ever food you choose to feed your puppy it should be healthy and tasty. Dry food is quite popular. It is easy to store and usually tastes great. It is also good for helping keep the teeth clean.

Canned food have the highest water content. These also contain less nutrition, so you may need to feed your dog more than usual to equal out the nutrition they may need.

Look at the levels of vitamins and crude materials on the label. Is there enough fat, protein, calories and other nutrients? Where do these vitamins and materials come from? Some people are concerned over price. If you purchase a low quality food you will feed more of the food so you have to buy more. Feeding a premium grain free dog food may cost more but you feed less. Price should be the last reason you choose a food for your new puppy.

If your dog becomes finicky and will only eat certain things, this is sometimes due to change in diet. Allow the dog time to adjust. If he still won’t eat, try a new food. If he still doesn’t cooperate, you may need to take him to the vet for a checkup to make sure nothing is wrong.

Avoid leaving the food bowl down with food left in it for the puppy. This is called free feeding and can lead to finicky eating habits, resource guarding, and other issues that you want to avoid as a new puppy owner. Putting your puppy on a feeding schedule will help control weight and it will help with houstraining. What goes in on a schedule comes out on a schedule.

If they don’t eat 15-20 minutes after you put the food down for them pick the food up and offer it again the next time you feed them. Remember to provide plenty of fresh, clean drinking water.

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